Naipes Fournier: “Visibility is more critical than ever”

Roberto Perea, export area manager, shared with Focus GN his insight about the trade show.
Roberto Perea, export area manager, shared with Focus GN his insight about the trade show.

Focus Gaming News acceded to Spanish company’s review of ICE Totally Gaming.

Naipes Fournier, leading Spanish manufacturer of casino products -specifically top-tier cards-, achieved a major presence at this year’s edition of ICE Totally Gaming in ExCel, London. For three consecutive days (2-4 February), visitors were able to experience the quality approaches that have been in the market since 1870.

Which are Naipes Fournier impressions of ICE 2016?

As always it is a great exhibition. Bigger than ever and aisles full of visitors. ICE has become the meeting point of the industry and no matter whether economic climate is good, better or worse, almost every operator in Europe and many from overseas are there to attend the conferences, check what’s new and talk to their colleagues. In only 3 days it is possible to get a great understanding of where the industry in heading for.

What is your assessment regarding Naipes Fournier’s performance at the international trade show?

We were very satisfied. Not only we were able to talk to many of our customers and potential ones but closed as well some important operations . Alongside this, this year we managed to get a great location in the hall and this impacted favorably in the number of visitors we had. Being the exhibition so big today, visibility is more critical than ever.

What were the highlights of ICE in general?

I would like to highlight the great number of visitors that attended the show. Main presence was from European operators although we found more African and Asian participants than in previous editions. On top of that I was personally quite impressed with the high standards that ICE set: innovations a-plenty and beautifully decorated stands.

Can you tell us which were the biggest impacts Naipes Fournier’s exhibition created?

The star of the show was for sure the Bee-tek Baccarat Electronic Shoe. At ICE we presented the third generation of the shoe (Model 938), being this the only shoe of its kind that meets the GLI-29 norm.  The introduction of Baccarat in many casinos around the world has brought alongside our Baccarat shoe. In fact many Asian players, used to the shoe in Macao and other countries, when moving to a new casino in Europe or somewhere else, feel  reassured when they see the Bee-tek Baccarat Electronic Shoe as it brings a more fluid game, with no unnecessary stops or incidences.

Which are Naipes Fournier business targets for 2016?

We want to keep working on our marketing strategy, getting the message across to all operators that whatever need they have that has to do with playing cards we are here for them. Fournier and USPC are the cards specialists and our catalogue includes a comprehensive offer of Pre-Shuffled cards, one-time-use cards and Electronic Shoe for Baccarat, 100% Plastic cards, our multigame EZ-Bee shoe for a more secure and profitable table.