Lithuania bans all promotion of gambling

All promotion of gambling will be banned from July 1.
All promotion of gambling will be banned from July 1.

The Lithuanian parliament has approved a modification of its gambling laws to prohibit all forms of promotion of gambling.

Lithuania.- A new amendment to the country’s gambling laws has been passed in the Lithuanian parliament, prohibiting the promotion of gambling.

The ban will apply to all kinds of publicity through all media, including not only television and radio advertising but also all kinds of special events, test games, promotions, discounts, gifts and other incentives.

The ban will apply to both the land-based and online gambling markets in Lithuania and will come into effect on July 1.

Authoritites said the prohibition was necessary to tackle problem gambling in the country. Lithuania already had strict rules for gambling advertisements.

Ban on gambling promotion supported by citizens

A survey carried out by Lithuania’s Gambling Supervisory Authority in November found strong support for a ban. Of the 1,001 adults surveyed, 76 per cent said gambling advertising should be reduced, while 52 per cent said it should be banned outright.

However, less than half of respondents (47%) said they had seen gambling advertisements.

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