“Latin America cannot be estimated as one region”

Alexandra Kalchuk, head of business development at Betinvest.
Alexandra Kalchuk, head of business development at Betinvest.

Exclusive interview.- Alexandra Kalchuk, head of business development at Betinvest, takes time out to speak to Focus Gaming News.

In her interview with Focus, Kalchuk outlined Betinvest’s take on the extraordinary recent growth in online gaming, and what she sees as the gaming solutions provider’s most interesting markets for the near future.

She noted that Covid-19 has had an impact on development with Betinvest creating its own sports content. 

“Recent months show us the real picture where gamblers decide not just to use classic sports and classic slots but everything that can be gambled and gives us emotions,” she says.

On the upsurge in online casino gaming, she said that while growth may tail off to an extent, “the final outcome will be positive for the industry.”

“People got used to igaming during the pandemic and now used to the mechanism,” she says.

“Latin American cannot be estimated as one continent.”

Alexandra Kalchuk, head of business development at Betinvest.

In terms of the markets Betinvest has its eyes on, Kalchuk signalled Latin America and Eastern Europe.

“Latin America and Eastern Europe may be the most prosperous markets for us in the near future,” she says.

“Latin America is not only for Argentina and for Colombia, which is well-regulated, but it’s about not so regulated regions like Brazil. . . . Still the market and competition there is low. Markets provide small and medium business with a possibility to grow.

“Latin America should be learned country by country because the picture between Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina is really different. It’s not possible to say that talking about Brazil and having a really successful operation there you’ll be successful in Colombia.”

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