Las Vegas startup creates self-cleaning slot divider

A Las Vegas startup has unveiled a self-cleading slot divider.
A Las Vegas startup has unveiled a self-cleading slot divider.

Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions has come up with a solution to maintain social distancing while ensuring the highest possible hygiene standards.

US.- Las Vegas startup, Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions, has developed a self-cleaning slot machine divider that will help casino operators maintain social distancing and hygiene levels once they can reopen post Covid-19.

The partition uses an ultraviolet wand to clean the acrylic surface of the slot machine while also promoting proper social distancing.

The slot divider is available now for Vegas casinos to purchase and the company has said there has already been high demand.

Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions CEO Jeff Smith told Fox Business: “It actually maintains the integrity of how slot machines should be. It has a nice lighting feature as well, and at the same time it cleans the surface, and gets rid of bacteria and disinfects.

“I think it’s just happened all so quickly. I think what happened is when you have a collection of engineers and product developers that have discussions driven by fear and uncertainty, you tend to be solutions-based. And then that solution turns into a product relatively quick.

“We came up with something that, really, it solved a lot of problems. And it still maintained, again, the integrity and the pizzazz of what a Las Vegas casino floor should be about. And it keeps people safe.”

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