Las Vegas casino sued over alleged racial discrimination

The couple is claiming multiple damages.
The couple is claiming multiple damages.

A couple’s lawsuit against ARIA Resort Casino is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

US.- A couple from California has filed a lawsuit against ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas alleging racial discrimination.

Rhodney and Sundra Henderson are suing the property after Rhodney was accused by security guards of threatening a white couple when looking for his mobile phone, which he had left behind at a slot machine.

The security staff then inquired if Henderson was a member, which he was but guards “told Mr. Henderson to leave the premises because he ‘could be lying'”, the lawsuit claims.

The customer was handcuffed, interrogated and taken to his room, where he and his wife were told to pack and leave, according to the lawsuit.

The couple is claiming multiple damages in excess of $10,000 each, including physical injuries and emotional distress. The claims total more than $50,000.

The ARIA Hotel Casino was fined for violating Covid-19 safety measures last year.

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