KSA to focus on actions against illegality

This year the KSA provided support for control actions around 35 times.
This year the KSA provided support for control actions around 35 times.

The Dutch gambling regulator KSA has revealed that it will support 50 actions against illegality in 2020.

Netherlands.- Kannspelautoriteit (KSA) has announced that it will focus on fifty support actions in 2020 against illegal physical games of chance. The KSA said that it can provide support against illegality in various forms.

This year the KSA provided support for control actions around 35 times. This number is expected to increase to 50 in 2020. As a supervisor, it has the expertise to recognise illegal games of chance.

KSA can also advise municipalities or police in advance when preparing checks or giving instructions. It can also prepare an expert report that can be used for the investigation.

KSA’s chairman discussed new Remote Gaming Act

René Jansen, KSA chairman, discussed the latest developments surrounding the implementation of the Remote Gaming Act in the Netherlands, particularly regarding the licence application. He said that a smooth and effective implementation of the new Act is in the regulator’s interest.

“KSA will have to process a flood of licence applications over two periods of six months; close to 200 potential applicants recently signed up to register their interest. While we certainly don’t expect that many to apply, we would not be surprised to see more than 100 applications. So, let me assure you: you aren’t the only ones who will be affected by the new law, which is also causing quite a stir at the KSA.

“We can’t formulate the final licence conditions until all subordinate legislation has been finalised. Subordinate legislation serves to flesh out the details of a new law, which involves elaborating certain aspects, filling in details, and generally crossing T’s and dotting I’s. However, these details are often crucial when formulating licensing conditions. There’s no point in us telling you to do things a certain way now, only to change our minds later on,” said Jansen. “We are also dependent on political decision-making in certain areas.”

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