Konami released product diversity at G2E

The major casino gaming manufacturer presented next generation products.

US.- As announced during the show, Konami, leading casino gaming manufacturer successfully presented next generation of skilled-based, multi-station, core and premium slots last week at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Konami introduced the unprecedented lineup of emerging game technology such as Castlevania themed slots, Crystal Cyclone multi-station progressive, Fortune Cup video-mechanical horse racing, Frogger: Get Hoppin’ skill-based game, and Beat Square DJ-style skill-based game, all with clear roots to Konami’s popular video arcade and amusement heritage.

Over 26,000 attendees were able to enjoy Konami’s expanded product portfolio at G2E, including core product innovations, systems technology updates, iGaming solutions, and more. “With everything including skill-based, multi-station, premium IP, horse racing, and top-performing core, Konami is supporting the industry with an unprecedented diversity of gaming technology to advance both the immediate and long-term casino landscape ” said Matt Reback, vice president, marketing at Konami. “Industry response to the expanding Concerto collection and these incredible new concepts has been outstanding. Our casino customers have expressed interest in an expanded lineup of core products as well as innovative next generation products, and our R&D team has brought these latest developments to life with the quality and creativity that Konami is known for in the industry.”

Konami presented for the first time three skill-based concepts to the industry: a music-infused Frogger road and river crossing game called Frogger: Get Hoppin’, a rhythmic DJ-style game called Beat Square, and a skill-stop VIP premium game called Hot Press Winnings. “Konami’s core gaming roots hold firm in entertainment, amusement, and arcades. The technology and development resources we have in America, Australia, and Japan are best-of-breed, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring those advancements to the casino gaming realm in new ways during this year’s G2E,” said Reback. “Konami has the core creative power to bring new variations of gambling entertainment to the market so our casino customers can offer their diverse player groups an array of gaming options.”

Also stemming from its strong digital gaming entertainment heritage, Konami’s Castlevania made its debut landing at G2E 2016 on the all new Concerto Crescent curved cabinet, one among several machines featured in the Concerto collection. “Castlevania signals another iconic Konami IP release that we’re thrilled to bring to casinos around the world, with a truly captivating delivery on Concerto Crescent’s high-definition display,” said Reback. “It’s a powerful demonstration of Konami’s continued strength in creative game animation, bonus effects, and play mechanics, across our robust core product library.” Visitors also access to SYNKROS casino management system, leading choice for casinos at international level.