Kiss online casino ends its operations

The Curaçao’s casino joins the list with, which also ceased its offerings last week.

Curaçao.- Kiss Casino notified its clients the end of its international operations through e-mails. The failure of the recent platform, which was presented at the end of 2015, could become a gain for casino customers in the Caribbean country.

Dolarbet Casino, operator from Curaçao as well, bought the company in order to fusion it with its renowned services. Clients of the site will be able to register into Dolabet’s platform since next month. As Kiss Casino is shutting down the site for good, players should end any transaction before the end of April.

All current businesses and winning prizes will be available for a few more days. After that, players can join the Dolarbet’s affiliate program. The merger company will offer innovative casino games and sportsbook bets. Clients will also enjoy the “Arena Challenge”, the first live betting game that will combine sports bets with poker.