Kenyan millenials rank first among sub-Saharan sports betters

Sports betting in Kenya ranks high.

Despite having low income -or none at all- Kenyans led Geopoll's survey.

A survey conducted by Geopoll in the sub-Saharan Africa reported that Kenyans aged 17-35 are the highest users of sports betting in the area.

Kenya.- According to a Geopoll survey conducted in sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya has the highest number of millenials that are actively betting on sports in the region. The poll analised people aged between 17 and 35 in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

The study reported that most of the people surveyed bet once a week and spend an amount somewhere around US$50 monthly gambling on football. Poll results turn out as a concern in an area -sub-Saharan Africa- that has the world’s highest rate of people that earn less than US$2 daily. Furthermore, millenial gamblers are mostly unemployed and their betting endeavors haven’t paid off and they sure haven’t won more than US$50.

On the other end lies Ghana, the country with the least number of gamblers aged 17-35. In mobile usage for gambling activities, South Africa ranks last, even as the country has the highest rate of mobile penetration in the continent. As for sports betting, South African millenials are the only group in the area that would rather play lottery before betting on football.