Kenya wants to investigate illegal slots

Kenyan politicians called the national government to investigate soon operated slots.

Kenya.- According to Kisumu District County politicians coin operated slot machines are being illegally brought in to the country by foreigners that pose like tourists. They asked the government to look into the situation in order to stop the illegal activity in the country.

Shabbil Shakir and Olago Oluoch, two MPs from the Kisumu District County, joined the representatives to ask for the confiscation of more than 500 slots. “The Chinese are now changing tact by installing the machines in private homes where young people flock to bet and the owner earns some discount. These foreigners are now a security threat,” they said.

According to the Daily Nation, Shabbir said that they want to know the procedure taken at the customs to admit the machine into the country, since they end up in their slums and impoverish the people even further. The MP believes that all of this is very sad.