Kenya shows concern for illegal gaming

The national police warned the government about the proliferation of illegal services.

Kenya.- The authorities of the African country have shown their concern about illegal operations of unauthorised gaming machines in “every corner.” The police has warned the government about the proliferation of gambling venues with great amount of slots machines and table games countrywide. Eight residents were already arrested and 47 slot machines impounded in Kisumu County last week.

According to the police’s reports, the investigation of several gambling centres is consistent with investigations for delinquency among young students, especially from secondary schools, who are on a long school break. “The youth are forced to look for money for the slot machines and also risk interacting with criminals in the gambling dens, which are rarely monitored,” explained Kenya’s police spokesman Charles Owino.

The statement also revealed that the police is investigating the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) for seemingly granting licences to new gaming operators without following the legislation. Apparently, the BCLB is not probing the location of the machines, neither the activity of the centres or their operators. As a response, the BCLB director Charles Wambia communicated to all the county commissioners, “We urge you to intensify the mop-up exercise to safeguard the youth and the vulnerable from these illegal operations.”