Kentucky Lottery reports most successful sales month

The state reached the biggest revenue in the 30-year history of the Kentucky Lottery.

US.- According to the latest figures reported by the Kentucky Lottery, the record Mega Millions jackpot run has helped the state achieve the most successful sales month in the 30-year history of the lottery.

Overall sales for the month totalled US$115.5 million, approximately US$33.2 million more than expected and a 40.3% increase over the year before. The previous record had been achieved in January 2016, when a world-record Powerball of US$1.6 million drove sales of US$105.1 million, Lottery Post revealed.

The Commonwealth received US$34.4 million in monthly net income in October, which set a new record as well. The previous record was set in January 2016, when the state lottery directed US$32.6 million.

Moreover, online sales also saw the highest number of sales in the lottery’s history. Instant Play games online totalled US$1.5 million in sales, way higher than the previous record of US$300k.

“While jackpot games were obviously the major driving force behind these record sales, our other products also did really well,” said the Lottery’s President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. “Great performance by our Scratch-offs and strong online sales helped bring home the record month. We have a solid plan ahead for November to help sustain the forward momentum, as our state’s college students are counting on us for scholarship and grant proceeds.”

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