Kansas struggles with sports betting

Kansas struggles with sports betting

As the states pushes for legalisation, Kansas lawmakers are struggling to move forward with the sports betting regulation bill.

US.- The segment thrives in the US and Kansas aims to get its sports betting market up and running. That’s why it’s discussing a Senate Bill, but it seems to be struggling a little bit.

Even as the Senate made progress with its proposal, the House is working on its own version. As the new Kansas sports betting initiative may be different, things may get a little messy.

“It certainly put us in a position where we can establish sports gaming in Kansas and pull wagers from a black market. From the off-shore, unregulated, untaxed market and bring it into Kansas under a regulated, safe market,” said Senate Vice President Jeff Longbine on legalising the vertical.

The Senate bill establishes that the Kansas Lottery and the Gaming Commission would be in charge of overseeing all sports betting activity in the state. It also sets that records of all bets must be kept for at least 60 days in case a crime has been committed. Moreover, it sets that sports betting would be limited to people over 21.

Sports betting in Kansas would be available both in-person and through a mobile app. The bill says that the casinos and the government would take a 7% to 10% for each bet made in the state.

However, the House plans to move forward with its own version.

“We thought we would spread it out,” Representative John Barker said. “You could be able to go down and buy a lottery ticket and bet on the K-State-KU game, hopefully buy a loaf of bread and 10 gallons of gas or whatever and go home.”

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