Jenny Riley: “Our 2mee HoloMessage technology is a valuable asset for responsible gambling and KYC”

Jenny Riley, Customer Services manager at 2mee.
Jenny Riley, Customer Services manager at 2mee.

Discover the power of hologram messaging for seamless customer onboarding and KYC. Jenny Riley from 2mee shares her insights in this exclusive interview.

Exclusive interview.- Online sportsbook and casino operators spend tremendous sums of money on player acquisition, but that can be in vain if the onboarding process players must complete is not smooth and seamless. Friction around KYC and in particular providing personal and financial details sees up to half of all players drop off before they make a deposit and place their very first bet. This does untold damage to the operator’s brand and reputation, but also means they are not unlocking the maximum ROI from their marketing spend. 

A key factor in providing a seamless onboarding and KYC process is technology, but just as important is educating players about the information they are required to provide and why they are required to provide it. But simply providing a wall of text doesn’t cut the mustard here and can actually add even more friction. To learn more about how operators can overcome this challenge, we spoke to Jenny Riley, Customer Services manager at hologram messaging and ad platform, 2mee

What are the main challenges operators face when it comes to onboarding customers?

Onboarding is the first experience the customer has with your brand so it’s very important to set a good impression. Operators face many challenges when it comes to onboarding customers, especially the need to adhere to various compliance and regulatory requirements such as KYC and AML. This can be time-consuming and complex which can pose challenges in terms of operational efficiency and cost. Operators also have to deal with large volumes of customer onboarding requests, and the ability to handle demand is crucial whilst ensuring they are protecting customer data from unauthorised access and breaches. 

“Operators face many challenges when it comes to onboarding customers, especially the need to adhere to various compliance and regulatory requirements such as KYC and AML”

Jenny Riley, Customer Services manager at 2mee.

Friction with onboarding can occur at various stages of the process and may be attributed to several factors. Some of the more common areas that I have seen are when it comes to age/identity verification. As both of these are regulatory requirements, the customer must provide documents to the operator if they want to wager with them. This can be cumbersome and time-consuming for the player, generating friction if not handled efficiently by the sportsbook or casino. 

Poor user experience and interface design can also create friction. If the process is not user-friendly, such as involving lengthy forms, multiple steps, or complex navigation, it can result in customer frustration and abandonment.

What impact does this friction have? Does the player ultimately drop off?

If it’s too hard for customers to sign up, deposit and play, there’s little chance they’ll persevere with the process and will simply jump to another brand where it is easier to do so. It’s likely they’ll ask themselves “If signing up is this hard, will spending my time here really be worth it and will I face further challenges as I go on?” This is not what the operator wants having already spent money on acquiring the player to the point where they are ready to sign up and bet/play with their brand. 

How can operators reduce this friction?

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that balances regulatory compliance, security and customer experience. Simplifying forms, offering convenient verification methods and providing clear instructions can help reduce friction and enhance the experience for the customer. As part of this, they should be giving players more information and engaging with them on their terms. This can be done through changes to how the process is presented, the information you give customers and leveraging innovative technology.

What makes holograms so effective here?

Our 2mee HoloMessage technology is a valuable asset for responsible gambling and KYC, offering benefits to operators and customers alike. A frustrated player may be wary or not understand why they’re being asked to provide personal details, why they’re required and how their information will be used.

Using a cleverly placed HoloMessage on your website or mobile app when a KYC check is required is a powerful tool for reducing friction for players. Rather than giving the customer a wall of text that’s wrapped up in legalese, a HoloMessage can explain why the information is needed in a conversational tone that everyday people understand. By delivering the message using a real person, a more human connection is fostered with your customers and the more likely they are to stay engaged and complete some of the less fun requirements.

By using a solution like our HoloMessage, you can better inform your customers in plain-speaking terms, empowering them to own the choices they make while engendering trust, transparency and continued play with your brand.

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