Japanese city may take back project

Credits: CitiesTips.com

The Japanese city of Wakayama could dismiss the proposed casino and resort project.

Japan.- The city of Wakayama is one of the potential places where the development of casino industry could be set in Japan. However, the authorities have recently revealed that the project would be dismissed as residents showed general opposition to become a gaming host community, according to Asia Gaming Brief.

As casino legislation has not become effective yet, the plans of the upcoming industry are still just proposals, although the Wakayama’s project was promoted throughout the media. The strong opposition to gaming venues in the local Marina City would take back the economic plans to allow the installation of a casino, as Wakayama Mayor Masahiro Obana commented during an interview.

“If a Wakayama-style IR is not permitted by the central government, then we would be forced to give up our plans to host an IR,” Masahiro Obana stated. The city would probably accept the casino development if only international tourists are allowed to play. “The very fact that the plan calls for limiting the casino to foreigners is itself a tacit admission that it is something harmful,” responded Wakayama Bar Association.

The Association considers the only-foreign policy would not be profitable and believes the facility would boost corruption and gambling addiction, as reported by Asia Gaming Brief.