Japan advances with Casino Management Committee

The Government has nominated five members for Japan’s Casino Management Committee, which will oversee integrated resorts in the archipelago.

Japan.- Integrated resorts will soon arrive in the country and the Government keeps preparing for it. That’s why Japan nominated members for its Casino Management Committee, which will oversee the segment.

Defense Director Michio Kitamura will chair the body, as Inside Asian Gaming reported. Other nominees include Hiroyuki Kane, a former regional taxation head, psychiatrist Michiko Watanabe, university professor Noriko Endo and former police director Kenji Higuchi.

Japan will approve Casino Management Committee’s members before December 9, the authorities hope.

Japan and the casino effect

The archipelago still awaits for the industry, but Japanese integrated resorts (IRs) will soon arrive in the country. Despite some opposition rose against them, one lawmaker is optimistic about them.

Takeshi Iwaya, secretary-general of a multi-party committee in Japan’s House of Representatives forecasts great things.

“It’s still too early to say what economic benefits integrated resorts will generate. However, I am personally hopeful they will eventually push up Japan’s GDP by 1% or more. Not just by hosting a slew of international conferences but by increasing the number of tourists from abroad,” he said. He also forecasted 60 million foreigners would travel to the country thanks to Japanese IRs.

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