Japan adds amendments on future law

As Japanese opposition to the gaming law is losing its support, legislators propose further control.

Japan.- As the Japanese legislators are closer to approve the Casino Bill, opposition groups have introduced projects to implement strict control on gaming activities. The casino legalisation has been passed last week by the House of Councillors, but it is still waiting for the scrutiny by the Lower House.

Once the bill is completely approved, legislators will debate on a further project to establish the conditions for the licensing process and casino laws. Japanese newspapers revealed that one of the tactics to control the problematic gambling behaviour would be to track players by “My Number” identification cards.

The national identification system is currently used to obtain information about residents under the premise of controlling security and tax operations. The same card will be issued for players to identify themselves as entering to a casino or gambling salon. Casinos would be demanded to restrict entry of addict gamblers.

The new proposal will be added as an amendment on the current Casino Bill. Furthermore, legislators are also preparing more projects to set policies against gambling problems, such as the development of public campaigns. Japan may also approve the construction of gambling rehabilitation centres.