Jan Urbanec, Endorphina: “2023 will be the year where all the efforts of the past year will be shown in numbers”

Jan Urbanec, CEO at Endorphina.
Jan Urbanec, CEO at Endorphina.

Endorphina’s CEO, Jan Urbanec granted Focus Gaming News an exclusive interview to share his insights and future vision for the company.

Exclusive interview.- Jan Urbanec, Endorphina‘s CEO, discussed spoke with Focus Gaming News about the company’s ambitious plans for 2023, including how it measures customer experience and its upcoming participation in the highly-anticipated ICE London event. He also provided an overview of Endorphina’s strategy for entering new iGaming markets.

This exclusive interview offers a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Endorphina’s vision and direction from the CEO himself. The full interview can be found below for those interested in learning more.

You’ve described 2022 as all about big challenges. With this in mind, how do you imagine 2023 to be? 

As you can imagine, 2022 was not only hard on our team performance, but also on our company expenses as an online casino software provider. However, the amazing performance of our games from previous years created a great source of revenue. 

Those were reinvested in a very fast manner to open as many doors as possible. A heavy investment is of course done with the goal of having a heavy profit. 2023 will be the year where all the efforts of the past year will be shown in numbers.

“We already see some highly promising numbers from markets like Italy and we are very optimistic about 2023 as a whole.”

Jan Urbanec, CEO at Endorphina.

What challenges and opportunities does Endorphina find in terms of expansion to other markets? Do you already have a particular market in mind?

As an iGaming provider, you could say that the markets have a range of difficulty in terms of compliance. Some of them are more or less a technical project whereas other markets a legal one.

The most challenging markets are both on a big scale. 2023 will be the year of the more challenging jurisdictions. Last year was a sprint and to get there as fast as possible. However, now we need to maintain and monitor any minor changes in each of the new markets we “conquered”. So now we are switching back to a marathon pace 🙂

What are your expectations about the International Legislators’ Agenda?

We feel that the regulators are unfortunately a year or more behind in terms of what is happening in the market.

A great number of jurisdictions are either updating or introducing new regulations.

They are trying to do it very fast while not considering the realities.

In the context of the current economic situation in the world, this will probably lead to a grey/black iGaming world in those jurisdictions.

In some sense, the train left the station and everyone is trying to catch up. 

What will ICE London visitors be able to find at your stand?

As always, Endorphina‘s game studio entertains online players and our business partners in real life. We strive to be a leading B2B solution provider for online operators while also making a memorable presence in reality. 

I do not want to spoil the surprise.

We will have entertainment for you. And you are all invited to check out the performance at our Endorphina stand!

How do you measure Endorphina’s customer experience? How does it impact the development process of new games?

We start with pure data – the number of spins, total bets, number of sessions. Then we deconstruct the numbers in a market concept and identify the performing games.

What do they have in common? Math models, theme, sounds? What is the common factor?

Also the cool part is that we receive player feedback on our website. Sometimes players want to engage with us directly. We take those emails very seriously and discuss those actively.

We may even take suggestions and include those in our new releases. So players may actually influence what game mechanic we use or what the next game theme will be.

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