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The latest innovation of the British company looks forward to maximise the operational efficiency of gaming machines.

UK.- Following successful closed trials Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) are pleased to bring Live Collect to the wider gaming market. Live Collect enables operators to optimise cash handling and revolutionise collection efficiency by accessing real-time data and detailed status reports across multiple sites for full machine audit traceability.

Efficient collections, optimising machine utilisation, exceptional float level management and eliminating shrinkage are amongst the many benefits that Live Collect offers. It also facilitates remote updates for the cash handling peripherals in the case of new currency datasets or firmware and this proactive, preventative system also provides operators with security, fault and maintenance alerts.

Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager commented, “Live Collect is compatible with a number of manufactures’ machines, with various options to suit different applications. Live Collect can be tailored to suit specific requirements and at the top level, uses the cash handling features of both the NV11 & SMART Coin System in a smart connected way. ITL’s SMART Coin System (SCS) is a state-of-the-art bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper and recycler in one which validates, discriminates and stores mixed coins. This secure unit has a market leading coin hopper capacity which reduces coin starvation, collection costs and the need for multiple hoppers whilst ensuring cash is fully accounted for.”

“Live Collect fully utilises the features of the SCS and can bring the operator a host of additional benefits. Cash levels in the validator cashbox, hopper and recycler are visible in real time and can be used to schedule more efficient collection & refill visits, significantly reducing machine collection times even further, resulting in a more productive use of staff time.”

Andy continued, “Live Collect uses algorithms to suggest new float levels for each machine to minimise the amount of cash tied up in machine floats – a key feature that is particularly attractive to our gaming customers. Live Collect is simple to integrate and can be utilised across the whole machine estate, so updates can be pushed out remotely from one central location. Time consuming, expensive currency and firmware updates are a thing of the past and can be installed at the click of a button!”

Operators can login to the secure online Live Collect portal which can be accessed from any location, providing a greater insight into machine activity, traceability and performance. The Live Collect portal can be accessed by account managers, collectors, installers and service engineers enabling data and information to be readily available and shared. Key reports and tracking information gives operators detailed knowledge – right down to individual machine performance in every location. It improves the relationship between operators and retailers in terms of being able to identify machine performance across the entire machine estate.

Andy concluded, “We have already successfully installed Live Collect in over 100 machines across the UK. Using this closed loop system, all cash is accounted for and we have already seen shrinkage eliminated at these sites, generating real efficiency benefits and cost savings. In addition, customers can take advantage of our Pay & Play app which allows customers to transfer funds to enabled gaming machines using their mobile. This app is used in conjunction with Live Collect gives customers a cashless payment option. With the mobile app you can set your own limits and deposit funds securely using your debit card – ideal for customers who are not carrying cash.”

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