Israel allows online lottery

The Ministry of Finance agreed to allow online lottery and other games to residents.

Israel.- Lottery monopoly Mifal Hapayis and finance ministers finally agreed to allow Israeli residents to play online lotteries and other games. According to Calcaist, the new permit allows the activities until the end of 2021.

Mifal Hapayis, the national lottery of Israel, agreed with the Ministry of Finance that there would be eight Keno draws every day just for residents that live in areas of a socio-economic rating higher of 6. Earlier this week the national lottery was forced to shut down 500 slot machines along with 150 keno machines after negotiations to renew its operating license failed to reach an agreement.

This conclusion is the product of 48 hours of talks in which both sides agreed that they would continue the conversations only if Mifal switched off the slot and keno machines immediately.

Mifal Hapayis gets US$208 million from the machines, and they’re demanding a compensation of the money that they would lose without the operations. The profits from the machines are actually split between the local governments and the treasury, who use them to fund public facilities. The Finance Ministry believes that the number is considerably lower than the one they’re demanding because they’re giving them the chance to conduct extra lotteries.