Isle of Man investigates four of its betting operators

Local police received various complaints about unfair cancellation of transactions from customers.

Isle of Man.- Gambling Supervision Commission communicated that four national companies –12Bet,, TLC Bet and– are being investigated for suspicious failed operations with their clients. Players of the sites revealed emails that proved that their transactions were unjustifiably disallowed and that some of their accounts were erased.

The website’s notifications to their customers suggested that they have abused the promotion systems concerning the Cheltenham Festival, a British traditional horse-racing event. The gaming regulatory authorities rejected the companies’ versions of the undone transactions and the closure of accounts and determined a progress in the investigation.

“When we become aware of a complaint about fairness we gather information from customers and from the licensee. We then examine the information and form a conclusion. This two-stage process can take some time. Conclusions are shared with the relevant parties and any party may challenge the conclusion. Once that process is complete, the GSC makes a recommendation to resolve the issue,” published the Isle of Man’s regulator. However, three of the suspects, 12Bet, Fun88 and TLC Bet have responded that they will pay the winnings they owed, study the situation of every client and contribute with a complete report from operator and licensee TGP Holdings. As to, the operations must be reviewed with its licensee, Xela Holdings.