IPI Saipan hires new workers

As it rushes to open the venue, the IPI Saipan development has hired 100 Italian workers to work on its facade and finish the final construction work.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Imperial Pacific International continues to stand out in Saipan & Asia. Its development in the Northern Mariana Islands is soon to open, even as it struggled with worker complaints and strikes. As it plans to open it over the next few weeks, IPI Saipan announced the hiring of 100 Italian workers.

The new workforce will target the facade of the company’s development on the island. IPI Saipan’s new workers arrived on the island over the last few days and will rush to finish the project.

Imperial Pacific International Holdings announced it expects to open the casino resort by September 30, 2019.

The developer made the announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It explained it hopes to open only phase 1 of its integrated resort development, called “Imperial Palace Saipan.”

The venue had opened as a temporary facility in 2015 and pushed the local economy ever since. It contributed to around 60% of government revenues through taxes and operating fees. Revenue from high roller gamblers from China is the primary money source, but the typhoon has lured them away.

However, government officials say IPI is behind on monthly tax payments and, according to the company, tax revenues dropped 70%.

However, IPI Saipan faced several problems with its workers, which had the government acting on its behalf. The developer got a two-year exemption of the 30% US citizen requirement to work in the project. That way, the resort may launch soon.

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