IPI is confident that it will reach its deadline

Chairman of the company said that the Garapan resort will probably reach the August 2018 deadline.

Saipan.- mark Brown, chairman of Imperial Pacific Resort Pacific International revealed that he’s confident that the company will reach the August 2018 deadline on time to complete the Garapan resort.

“We are still targeting to open the entire facility in August 2018. Hopefully we can get more U.S. workers here… If we can always continue to move on and hire 2,000 to 4,000 employees with 50 percent U.S.-eligible workers, that’s is a big number. That’s what we are hoping to do,” said the chairman during a film festival last week.

According to Brown, Imperial Pacific International needs more workers to build the property and will need thousands more to run the facility once the hotel is completed. “We have 200 workers now—all U.S. construction workers—and we have about 200 more coming, so you will see the progress of the property getting done. I wish we had a thousand workers on the site but…you will see it moving along. You see a panel at a time; it will continue to grow.”

Moreover, he said that the difficulties that they’ve had so far dealing with CWs are construction workers. “Our governor right now is in Washington, D.C. helping all of us. Think about it it, we need three, four or five times more people than anybody else on the island. So whatever problem a local restaurant is facing, multiply that by 20, that is our problem.”

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