Iowa pushes for DFS legalisation

State leaders are preparing a bill that’s supposedly similar to the one introduced last year.

US.- Iowa lawmakers are trying to push for a daily fantasy sports (DFS) legislation that would legalise wagering in the state. It is expected that the bill will be similar to the one that was presented last year but later failed to be amended.

According to The Gazette, Republican leaders are drafting a bill similar to last year’s, and if approved it would allow locals to play daily fantasy sports in a regulated and taxed industry. Sen Jeff Danielson, D-Waterloo, said: “I’m for freedom, economic opportunity, and I believe fantasy sports are something that Iowans have come to accept. They do it. Most were unaware that it is not legal. So I’m in favor of legalising it.” The proposal establishes that the state Racing and Gaming Commission would be the one regulating and overseeing the activity.

Furthermore, the state gaming commission would license and supervise the operators and companies. The providers would pay a 7.5 percent revenue tax which would go directly to the state’s infrastructure fund. Whilst players must be at least 21 years old to be able to play, high school and college athetics will be banned.

Rep. Guy Vander Linden, R-Oskaloosa, said: “We’ve been playing with this for a number of years. We pretty much now all agree that we’re going to treat it as gambling, first of all. We’re going to treat it like all other gambling. We’re going to regulate it through the Racing and Gaming Commission. We’re going to tax it. People get out of line, we will do away with it. We have gambling in Iowa. It’s just another form.” Companies like DraftKings and FanDuel are also supporting the measure, not only in Iowa, but also on a federal level.