INTRALOT’s Product Journey enhances omni-channel experience & drives long term success

Antonis Markopoulos talked about Intralot’s perspective of the gaming industry after ICE 2016.

Intralot told Focus Gaming News what visitors experienced with latest gaming apporaches at their booth during the last edition of ICE Totally Gaming.

“INTRALOT’s Product Journey enhances the omni-channel experience for the player and drives our customers’ long term success,” expressed the vice president of Intralot Group business development for European and African markets, Antonis Markopoulos. He also revealed details about their performance at ICE Totally Gaming exhibition last February 2 to 4 in ExCel, London, and the further plans for the global renowned Greek supplier of gaming systems and platforms.

How would you describe Intralot’s experience at the latest ICE Totally Gaming?

At this year’s edition of ICE our aim was to create an engaging ambience and offer visitors a unique product journey, which was comprised of five major areas: Retail, Retail Plus, Systems, Interactive and VLTs. These areas presented ways to cover all essential players’ needs through technological innovation, hardware solutions and advanced software offerings, all incorporated seamlessly in an omni-channel approach. Players are reached through all available touch-points in the most efficient way, thus adding value not only to the end customer but also to every stakeholder involved in the process. This is the point where a unique gaming experience binds in the most robust way with our omni-channel operational philosophy. We were excited with the interest that the visitors showed in our pioneering gaming solutions.

Would you like to tell us which were these pioneering products?

The products showcased in our Retail Plus section generated huge interest proving that our vision for the next generation of the Retail Store is towards the right direction. INTRALOT has successfully revamped the traditional in-store digital betting signage to an engaging and compelling Cinematic Betting experience that differentiates operators with premium and attractive content display. Players can receive detailed betting information in high-end quality visuals and place bets using an ideally located terminal, delivering a fresh and user friendly betting experience.

Our brand new TapnBet concept stood out, with everyone agreeing that it is an innovative, yet functional product. TapnBet addresses the need of sports enthusiasts to easily place a bet on highly engaging events without necessarily being regular punters. With TapnBet the player is simply one tap away from placing a bet and we strongly believe that it can significantly increase the operator’s customer base. The “Betting Entertainment” product family has also piqued the interest of our Pavilion visitors. Products targeted to add new, exciting gaming concepts for complementing sports betting offering was presented through the Apple TV driven BetriderTM concept and the 1-2-Go! game, based on licensed pre-recorded sports content and powered by innovative participation channels and platforms. Visitors have acknowledged that those concepts increase player’s life time value by offering entertaining and engaging content to their players.

The success of our new Self Service terminals was also driven by the INTRALOT CanvasTM platform for both Lottery and Betting Verticals.  INTRALOT CanvasTM platform was the result of our continuous commitment to delivering an end-user experience that always considers the customer’s journey first. The audience was impressed by the ability to centrally manage dynamic content distribution and achieve consistent customer experience across all sales channels that were demonstrated at the booth, including apart from the Self Service terminals, web and mobile environments as well.

As you said, INTRALOT CanvasTM platform was introduced at the show.  Can you share with us the public’s response to it?

The market need to optimize the operations of multiple game verticals across several sales channels and focus on the value of offering to the players a personalized and consistent user experience seems to be properly addressed by INTRALOT CanvasTM platform. The platform is designed to satisfy game-specific dynamic content management and a personalized User Experience (UX) in relation to each player’s access portal making us proud to state that we received very positive feedback.

The segmentation engine, the build-in A/B testing framework and the embedded analytics had a great acceptance by the audience, anticipating the success of our new product offering. Many of our existing partners/customers are already eager to adapt to the new market requirements, and provide a more player-focused experience.

How does Intralot Group explain its vision about ICE 2016?

ICE has been traditionally the largest and most comprehensive trade event that every gaming professional has to visit. ICE, as a major global gaming event, attracts every year all the gaming players including leading gaming companies, regulators, opinion leaders, and strategic thinkers, from all around the world. This year ICE has surpassed our expectations being a fertile ground for business mingling. The size and the importance of the show has led to our decision to display our innovative products and solutions on an unprecedented iconic pavilion, designed by an international architecture office, Lianou-Chalvatzis, that captivated visitors with its unique architecture. We were really excited to see customers, partners and friends coming to our booth and exchange insights and views about the future of gaming.

What are Intralot’s plans for the rest of the year?

INTRALOT’s Product Journey enhances the omni-channel experience for the player and drives our customers’ long term success. Our technologies, products and services are designed to embrace both the new opportunities ahead but also respect the migration process to new models. Therefore our product designs presented at ICE combine traditional practices with new technologies and ultimately new models of operations. The Universal Gaming Experience is our umbrella framework that proposes to bring the consumer at the center of attention and therefore shift the focus towards maximizing his entertainment value when interacting with the Lotteries.  An example of this is the latest release of the Mobile Lottery suite, which goes beyond the transactional approach of interaction, and defines a new model of experience. We are extending the reach of the Lotteries into younger demographics (millennials) through an exciting way that elevates a centuries old traditional lottery product into a modern consumer product. Further we are innovating in the Retail space, and introducing designs with examples being the latest DreamTouch suite of terminals that combine interactive experience with the retail user touch points. It effectively changes the consumer experience from buying a lottery ticket as if it were a simple consumer product into an entertaining playing experience, creating “Retail-tainment” stores i.e. destination for fun, social interaction, content consumption, self service, luck and skill gaming.

Also, at INTRALOT we are constantly focusing on exploiting the business opportunities that meet our strategic plans in robust and strictly regulated jurisdictions. We are well known for our operational excellence and the premium solutions we offer to our customers. We will continue to serve our existing customers adding value with our new world class offerings, as were displayed at ICE. Our goals include the optimization and further development of our current operations and sales networks and at the same time expansion of our business in regulated and emerging markets, such as African countries that offer interesting and unexplored opportunities. Recently, we have signed contracts in Nigeria, Kenya and Chile and we continue to add new projects to our portfolio.


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