Industry backs Clarion’s co-location of Juegos Miami and GiGse

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Juegos Miami and GiGse will be under one roof.

All sections of the industry have backed the decision to bring Juegos Miami and GiGse under one roof.

US.- Clarion Gaming’s decision to bring together the LatAm facing Juegos Miami (May 30 – June 1, 2018) and its North American older cousin, GiGse (May 31 – June 1, 2018) under one roof, has been enthusiastically endorsed by all sections of the industry. The 2018 editions of both events will take place at The Biltmore, Miami with dedicated conference programmes specific to each region, training Master Classes and combined C-Level networking opportunities.

Expanding on the benefits of bringing both brands to a single venue over the same dates, Kym Sleezer, President of the Tripple Ripple Group, said: “Having the US-focused GiGse at this year’s Juegos Miami will fully enrich the experience of all participants. It is very interesting to have the privilege of knowing about the opportunities and challenges, how different markets solve them and make the most of them. The global development of gaming has been based partly on other markets practices. Topics such as commercial and operative management, regulation, legal frameworks and taxes are a constant reference when it comes to our direct markets, therefore some information, which may not be relevant today, will be necessary in the future… and vice versa.”

John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy at the CasinoCoin Foundation, endorsed this view, arguing: “It’s key that this year’s Juegos Miami has been co-located with GiGse, with the proliferation of conferences today, two conferences with good brands joining forces makes a ton of sense.”

The positive response was echoed by Seth Green, Director of Dynamic Messaging, who believes it’s important to listen to what other like-minded companies and people are doing. He confirmed: “The addition of GiGse at Juegos Miami will present us with an opportunity to learn about customer culture within a different region, and gain first hand insights that could have an effect on what we do in the future. Having a deeper understanding and knowledge of the gaming industry on a global scale will only help make us better and improve. Ultimately, that is the goal.”

Highlighting the North American perspective, Brad Cummings, CEO of EquiLottery, said: “Any time you can combine thinking from different parts of the world, it’s impossible to not learn something new and see things from a different angle. Currently, it’s hard to predict what those things will be in Miami this year, but that’s part of why these conferences are so much fun!”

Hugo Baungartner, COO at Brazilian consultancy RCT Gaming, added: “Bringing a Pan-Latin American event and a North American one together under one roof will be an excellent opportunity for global operators to showcase to US entrepreneurs that they have the technology and expertise to work effectively in that market.”

Focusing on what benefits the co-location could achieve, Rodrigo Afanador Carrasco, CEO of The Vicca Group, explained: “In principle, I think it is a good initiative. GiGse is an advanced event, that brings in technology and the new business in the industry. It introduces successful business leaders with experiences which are worth listening to. Last time I attended that event I thought it was interesting, even if I felt it was missing what Juegos Miami offers: an important engagement with the regional topics of the industry in Latin America. I hope that GiGse will succeed in cutting across their proposals to our markets in a positive way.”

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