India to invest in esports


Nazara Games will invest US$20 million over five years in esports.

A mobile game developer said that he’s interested in investing millions in esports.

India.- Nazara Games’ CEO announced that the company will invest US$20 million over five years in esports. The Mumbai company will create a new esports league that will include the most popular games.

Manish Agarwal. CEO of Nazara Games, said that their target audience is a very urban crown that consumes media on digital platforms instead of television. “We have analyzed how e-sports works, and we want to create a spectator sport out of it, which is not currently large scale in India,” he added and explained that their goal is to create an online content platform where people can also gamble.

“We also want to create a portal for gamers in the country, especially the serious ones. We agree that we are not aware of this platform, since we were always mobile first. But, we are shortlisting other companies from abroad with expertize in such production,” he added.