Income Access: “We had a great conference this year”

Alana collaborates with internal teams to create turnkey digital marketing solutions.

Focus Gaming News exclusive post-ICE Q&A with Income Access Client Relations & Communications Manager, Alana Levine.

The ICE Totally Gaming conference, which took place earlier this month in London, is arguably the true start of the industry’s year. Bringing together over 25,000 gaming professionals from more than 130 different countries, the event features all the latest products and innovations developed by the world’s leading operators, casinos and suppliers.

Technology and digital marketing firm Income Access was one of the companies exhibiting at ICE. We sat down with their Client Relations & Communications Manager, Alana Levine, to get her take on the conference’s trends and the company’s own experience at ICE.

What does Income Access think of this latest edition of ICE?

This year’s ICE was certainly exciting, as the industry continues to evolve and expand. We found there to be a greater and greater crossover between offline and online gaming worlds, both from a product markets, leveraging data for more strategic marketing, and opportunities relating to expanding into new verticals. perspective and an operator perspective. In particular, there was a lot more strategic conversations happening around forays into new

Which were the highlights of the international trade show?

We always find ICE to be a great indicator of where the industry is going in the coming year. A key highlight for us was to have the opportunity to connect with current clients and industry contacts to understand what their focuses are and how we can help support. Another highlight for us was to meet new contacts from new markets, so we could help to share our knowledge and experience that can be applied to these new verticals and markets.

What was the outcome from Income Access participation at the show?

We had a great conference this year. Our focus is always to build new contacts and solidifying relationships with current partners, and looking for ways to continuously evolve our products and offering to the market, which we were able to do. As our partners expand into new markets, it gives us a direction for how we can best support and match the needs of the markets, as well as share our insights into what we’ve seen from our experience.

Which were the products that generated more interest from the audience at your booth?

For those who are familiar with Income Access, our technology is seen as an affiliate platform first and foremost. We found that the people we spoke with were quite keen to see our current innovations as well as what we have planned for our future development roadmap. Many of these drivers come directly from the conversations we have at ICE.

For example, our platform’s Ad Serving tool allows marketing teams to easily create targeted ad campaigns and media strategies, so that budgets go towards the most optimal channel that will deliver not only the greatest volume of players, but also the greatest value. The technology bridges the needs of many departments within an organization, as it delivers increased transparency for both operations teams and executives to measure the key metrics that drive investment decisions.

We are also continuing to streamline our mobile tracking capabilities. This enables businesses to track offline, online and mobile marketing channels and products, all in one place.

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