Imperial Pacific to open on July 6

Operators of the upcoming Saipan casino, Imperial Pacific, revealed that the opening will happen this week.

Saipan.- Imperial Pacific International Holdings (IPI) announced that the upcoming and final Saipan casino will open on July 6, as it received the green light from local regulators.

Late last week the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCO) granted IPI the permission to launch gaming operations at the Imperial Pacific Resorts, and the company affirmed that the official ceremony will happen in the upcoming two weeks, as Marianas Variety revealed. IPI fulfilled the Commonwealth Casino Commission’s requirements as to health and safety regulations. Operators adapted the casino with new fire alarm system, as well as the company committed to hire personal for fire watch, an independent safety consultant and general clean up.

The new gambling facility casino would feature around 200 to 300 gaming tables and 300 to 400 slot machines. The 350-suite resort is being designed by Steelman Partners LLP, which has been involved in the design of several large casinos in Asia and elsewhere.

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