Imperial Pacific safety gets questioned

Regulators from Saipan questioned whether the upcoming Imperial Pacific is safe for the public or not.

Saipan.- The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) delayed the decision on whether Imperial Pacific International Holdings (IPI) can obtain the required license to open the permanent gaming venue.

The commission established that the issue would be addressed again at the next meeting scheduled for May 31. With this change, the casino won’t be able to open its doors on Friday 26 as it was expected. The CCC expressed concerns that people would not be safe if they entered the facility before it’s fully finished. Edward Deleon Guerero said during an interview with Marianas Variety that there’s not enough evidence or information to grant the casino the approval to open to the public on Friday 26.

“Even if the casino and gaming are ready for operation inside, we want to make sure that the workers, the patrons, the guests and anyone who enters the facility are safe,” he added. The basis of the concerns are actually valid, as the subcontractor Gold Mantis was involved several times in sketchy situations, like hiring 200 Chinese undocumented workers, the death of one of its employees during construction and a fire. The CCC is reviewing the request to obtain a license.

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