Imperial Pacific clashes with Bloomberg

Bloomberg could be facing legal actions from Imperial Pacific International Holdings for publishing allegedly unfounded reports.

Hong Kong.- Imperial Pacific International Holdings (IPI) plans to “take formal legal actions against Bloomberg for its repeated unfounded report over the past year based on party sources.” IPI’s reaction follows speculation by the media outlet after an FBI raid on the offices of the construction company building Imperial Pacific Resort.

The investigation, according to the FBI, is linked to “allegations of a federal violation of the workplace visa system, including reports the company was systematically harboring individuals who are out of status and in violation of federal statutes.”

Bloomberg started speculating earlier with the possibility that the raid could be connected with its reporting that IPI was being investigated for financial mischiefs, but the Hong Kong-listed operator frantically denied it. The operator hadn’t received “any investigation notice from any of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation or government departments,” as a company statement affirmed.

The media outlet hasn’t backed down and has linked it to controversial Esteem Capital Success Ltd. The company funded trips to Hong Kong and Macau for Saipan legislators in 2013 which were considered unusual since they were not seeking to win the license for the Saipan casino that IPI scored. Imperial Pacific, of course, denied those links.