Illegal gambling in Borneo, the fight gets tougher

Unlicensed slot machines, including the ones run online, shall not be tolerated.

Borneo.- Raids in Marudi proved a rise in the number of slot machines brought into Sarawak. The aftermath of the raids was three operators and 11 customers held in custody and 26 slot machines seized by police officers. According to State CID chief SAC Dev Kumar one of the raids on two adjacent shop lots at Jalan Buangsiol in Limbang yesterday, showed that the premises “had been converted into mini casinos.”

Dev stated: “Apart from cyber gambling, the operation of slot machines slated for illegal gambling is not permitted in Sarawak. The operators are placing these machines in faraway districts to avoid detection by police.” Dev also explained that the licenses for slot machines are approved by the Finance Ministry and the licensed venues must comply with the terms and conditions set under Section 27A of the Common Gaming Act 1953 and “no such license has been issued to any premises or club in Sarawak.”

Dev expressed that “a total of RM4,050 (US$940,) believed to be proceeds from illegal gambling activities, was also seized from the first outlet. The raid on the second premises saw the confiscation of seven slot machines and RM1,540 (US$357) cash, as well as the arrest of three operators and a customer. Overall, the operation seized 33 slot machines worth RM400,000 (US$92,922) and RM5,590 (US$1,298) cash from both outlets, as well as the arrest of 18 people.”

“We will continue our operations against illegal cyber gambling and operation of slot machines,” the chief added.