Illegal gambling grows in Netherlands

Illegal online gambling has increased 20% in the Netherlands. Credits:

A new report shows that the number of local players who bet on illegal online sites has increased 20%.

Netherlands.- A new report commissioned by Holland Casino and conducted by Motivaction has revealed that the number of local residents in Netherlands who bet with illegal online operators has increased 20% over the last two years.

The increase in the percentage that reveals an increase in illegal gambling determines that there is around 1.8 million people betting on unlicensed sites in 2019. The study surveyed 18,000 people and revealed that two thirds prefer to gamble with a licensed operator, sports betting and bingo being the most popular modalities. The survey also showed that 38% of people said they had gambled before, while 18% admitted to doing so online.

As Holland Casino currently holds a gambling monopoly in the country, people betting with unlicensed operators costs the treasure up to €175 million each year in lost revenue.

Director of Holland Casino, Erwin van Lambaart, said: More and more Dutch people gamble totally unprotected on the internet. They do so with international providers who are established on sunny holiday islands with dubious regulations… Moreover, these companies do not pay gambling tax and that is unfair competition.”

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