IGRG launched Responsible Gambling Week

Credits: fifetoday.co.uk
Credits: fifetoday.co.uk

The week-long running initiative is set to promote responsible gambling in Scotland.

Scotland.- The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has launched Responsible Gambling Week yesterday. The Scottish cross-industry initiative was born in order to promote responsible gambling in all areas.

The focus on the event that will keep running until October 18 is “Let’s Talk About Responsible Gambling,” which is aimed to reach more people and get the territory talking about responsible gambling and understand that there are tools available to keep gambling safe and that there is support for those in need.

“The aim of the week is to raise awareness amongst customers and the wider public about how to gamble responsibly, the tools that are available to keep gambling safe and fun, and where anyone can find help and support for those who need it,” said the IGRG.

Every sector of the gambling industry in Great Britain is participating in the week-event. Bingo clubs, bookmakers, casinos, arcades and online operators are set to contribute with the cross-industry awareness campaign. Approximately 1070 gambling venues and 220 online gambling sites in Scotland will participate, with more than 121k employees across the country that will take part in the biggest campaign ever conducted in the European country.

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