igaming Sagas: Pragmatic Play makes a splash with Big Bass

Big Bass offers a large number of versions.
Big Bass offers a large number of versions.

Big Bass continues to surprise with the large number of versions it has added, recently reaching the incredible count of 15 slots.

Press release.- Ever since the birth of the slot game, the igaming industry has been exploring the use of sagas, series, and sequels, as in other areas such as literature, cinema, and entertainment, to generate content capable of improving user retention and loyalty. According to Pragmatic Play, a saga must meet certain requirements to ensure it attracts the target audience and ultimately be strong enough to ensure that sequels and follow-ups are demanded by players.

The firm stated that some of the most successful game series can reach three, four, five, or even more releases, depending on the reception of the first title, and the desire by the provider to make a successful saga. Naturally, this is also directly related to players’ attitudes, gaming habits, and the experience generated from the inception of the series.

Importantly when creating an iconic series, there must be a link between all titles, and the continuation of the product range, otherwise, it may be truncated early, or fail altogether.

Pragmatic Play’s foray into slots series

Among the global slot offerings, Pragmatic Play is one of the companies that stands out for its well-known series. It creates titles based on a wide range of themes that cater to various user profiles, so its audience expects brand-new products, series additions, and cutting-edge content with a certain regularity.

“Among its extensive product range, Big Bass continues to surprise with the large number of versions it has added, recently reaching the incredible count of 15 slots, including the latest addition, Big Bass Mission Fishin’, released barely a month after Big Bass Reel Action – with even more in the pipeline!”, the company said.

What makes a saga successful: from Big Bass’ perspective

There is no doubt that a 15-title franchise is the result of practices that ensure its longevity, especially considering that such an extensive catalogue has been developed in only three and a half years —a short period considering the production times.

It is possible to recognize at least ten essential aspects in the Big Bass titles, which gave rise to this wide range of options, that began with the classic Big Bass Bonanza in December 2020.

1. A main character, which remains the same throughout all the editions: The Fisherman.

2. An environment, which sets the scene for the original narrative: The depth of a lake, which changes colour, depending on the occasion.

3. A worldwide-known theme: Fishing.

4. Common elements throughout the series: Dragonflies, hooks, fish and fishing kits.

5. Location changes: The Amazon.

6. A surprise factor: The fisherman spends the day in a racetrack.

7. A concrete and real setting: The lake takes on a Christmas atmosphere.

8. Winning boosters, mechanics changes, and new formats: Hold & Spinner, Megaways™, Reel Action.

9. Main character’s transformation: The fisherman becomes a knight and searches for diamonds at the bottom of the lake.

10. Popular holiday representations: For Halloween, the reels form a dark and spooky-looking grid.

Through various environments, incorporating casual settings, maintaining a cohesive thread, and generating a sense of familiarity for the user, the Big Bass series, like many others, continues to prove its success in the offerings of online operators throughout Latin America.

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