Iain Hutchison, Digitain: “We are looking forward to this exciting new chapter for the ICE show”

Iain Hutchison, chief revenue officer at Digitain.
Iain Hutchison, chief revenue officer at Digitain.

Iain Hutchison, chief revenue officer at Digitain, anticipates a reflective yet exciting ICE London 2024, the last at ExCeL London.

Exclusive interview.- Another ICE is just around the corner, the last one in London, and Iain Hutchison, chief revenue officer at Digitain, shares his expectations for the event and unveils the innovative products and solutions the company will showcase. 

As ICE 2024 approaches, poised to be a noteworthy edition, what are your expectations for this year’s event?

This shall be an exciting ICE show as it is the last at ExCeL London. 

It has been home to show for a long time, and people made their pilgrimage every year, staying at the same hotels, eating at the same restaurants, and meeting in the same bars.

Therefore, the show will have a little sadness, reflection, and optimism for the future. At Digitain, we look forward to welcoming our existing partners and meeting new friends, colleagues, and industry stakeholders at our stand, S4-150.

What products and solutions do you plan to showcase at ICE London 2024?

From a product perspective, visitors to our stand shall be introduced to our all-new native applications for Centrivo. The immersive, all-in-one experience across iOS and Android platforms comes with innovative features like push notifications and cross-product navigation and is part of our continued dedication to delivering a superior gaming experience.

The Centrivo’s native applications have an extensive suite of casino games and features offering diverse options to cater to every player’s preferences. The application integrates a comprehensive sportsbook and virtual sports, providing users with a one-stop destination for all their sports betting and virtual gaming needs.  

We have also introduced new features on the Digitain sportsbook platform, which our partners and their players have well received’, including Sportchat, Sport Jackpots, Sport and Bet Race Tournaments, AI Sport recommendations, and Multi and Ultra Cash Back. The features are designed to enhance player engagement and satisfaction, leading to revenue growth.  

ICE 2025 will take place in Barcelona in July. What are your thoughts on this change? What do you believe will be the primary advantages brought about by this change in location and timing?

Change is inevitable and has to be embraced. Barcelona is a vibrant city with great facilities and the expo centre is double the size of ExCel London, which positively attracts more visitors to the show. The weather and food are also lovely!

Overall, we at Digitain are looking forward to this exciting new chapter for the ICE show.

Digitain ended 2023 by introducing a new social betting feature called SportChat. What can you tell us about this new product?

Sportchat is part of Digitain’s innovation product roadmap to provide more social player engagement features within the sportsbook platform. The Digitain Sportsbook Sportchat is a community-based player-to-player interaction tool allowing our partner operators to offer their players a social-based feature that will enable sports betting conversations.

Thus far, engagement data usage from partners suggests around a 20 per cent increase in bets placed by players actively participating in Sportchat discussions. This is very positive and should continue to grow as more and more players use the Sportchat feature.

The year 2023 witnessed significant advancements in artificial intelligence, accompanied by the emergence of various associated tools. Looking ahead to 2024, what trends or developments do you believe will define this year’s landscape?

Digitain has used AI for several years. We have our AI-driven sports recommendations feature, and some routine or standard testing uses AI models.

Machine learning and Generative AI shall be used more to improve User Experience at the top of the marketing funnel, and indeed, player onboarding cycles, dynamic content, and marketing are already used in CRM for automation and segmentation. 

This will help businesses improve their operational efficiencies and process meta-data at far greater rates than currently. It’s an exciting space, and Digitain is watching this space closely to see how it can improve our partner clients’ businesses.

“Machine learning and Generative AI shall be used more to improve User Experience at the top of the marketing funnel.”

Iain Hutchison, chief revenue officer at Digitain.

What are Digitain’s plans for the year ahead?

We continue to service our partner operators and expand our sales operations, of which we opened offices in London and Bucharest last year.

We are scaling our teams in Latin America, a growth market for Digitain, and continue to ensure that we have provided the highest levels of scalable and robust technology and roll out more features that deliver growth value for our partners.  

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