How FBMDS took the World Cup trophy with a special campaign

The results of these campaigns were massive to both FBMDS™️ and the online casino websites in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.
The results of these campaigns were massive to both FBMDS™️ and the online casino websites in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

Online bets were through the roof during the 2022 FIFA World Cup and FBMDS™️ knew how to capitalise on this phenomenon with a captivating campaign on the field. 

Press release.- The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar might be over, but FBMDS™️’ final score won’t be forgotten. From November 20th to December 18th, the online casino gaming brand lifted the trophy with thought-out promos along with Brazilian, Mexican, and Peruvian markets. This victory will always be remembered by the increment of players, rounds played, bets placed and prizes won in its games. Let’s dive into these fierce campaigns.

Four weeks of intense gaming battles marked the 2022 FIFA World Cup for FBMDS™️ and the online betting world. Through unpredictable wins from unexpected teams to ferocious one-to-one challenges, online bets were through the roof during the competition and FBMDS™️ knew how to capitalize on this phenomenon with a captivating campaign on the field. 

World Cup Campaigns: rules and gaming selection

To deliver fun to LATAM players, commonly known as big football enthusiasts, was the main goal for FBMDS™️. To kick off this yearly sports event on the right foot, the casino brand designed exciting promos based on a cross-selling strategy, by inviting players to collect Free Bonuses when betting on a World Cup match according to specific criteria.

In simple terms, if football fans were to place match bets over a certain amount at one of the online casino platforms, they would instantly receive tempting bonuses to play on a selection of FBMDS™️’ games for a limited time. Sounds like victory, right? Players thought so too and the results speak for themselves.

For those interested in participating in these world championship campaigns, over 18 online casino games were available, from alluring slots to thrilling video bingos. Popular game titles such as Viva México™️, Catch the Gold™️, Multi Mega™️, and many more awarded thousands of Brazilian, Mexican, and Peruvian users. Let’s take a look at the World Cup Special Campaigns stats.

Record-breaking stats with World Cup campaigns

In these thematic campaigns, carefully targeted for sports fans and betting pros, new and previously registered users were able to join FBMDS™️’ games and take away thousands worth of rewards during the championship’s prime time.  

From November to December of 2022, the odds worked in the brands’ favour as the results of these campaigns were massive to both FBMDS™️ and the online casino websites in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, with an impressive outcome of over 3 thousand players and over 300 thousand played rounds.

Through intensive promotional efforts from both FBMDS™️ and its local partners, the World Cup special campaigns got a lot of attention from online users during these weeks.

Communicational materials got a pivotal push through its showcasing on the top and bottom partner website banners which brought significant results in terms of website traffic for these clients, numerous posts on different social media channels, and exclusive contact outlets with important clients. 

This holistic marketing approach made it possible to make a never-before-seen hattrick, with the increment of engagement levels, growth of FBMDS™️’ brand awareness, and a global increase on the following key performance indicators when compared to October of 2022, the period prior to these campaigns:

  • Active Players – +81 per cent
  • Played Rounds – +73 per cent
  • Placed bets – 168 per cent
  • Prizes (jackpots) won – +6 per cent

Personalisation is a must-have in FBMDS™️’ special promos

Whatever the subject is, FBMDS™️ can make it happen. With a carefully planned approach directed to any specific target, with different cultural backgrounds or playing routines, the online casino brand can create a localized offer that exceeds client expectations based on deep market research, analysis and know-how.

The World Cup Special Campaigns, which were conceptualized and developed by FBMDS™️ in coordination with key online betting platforms in the industry, are one of the many winning examples of the distinctive approach FBMDS™️ is following in the iGaming industry.

Its portfolio of over 70 innovative, localized, and customized games gets an extra impulse with a strategy for the future that provides dedicated attention for each client and seeks the best gaming experience and results for the provider, the online casinos, and its players.

To know more about FBMDS™️’ online casino games portfolio or schedule a meeting to discuss possible partnerships, feel free to get in touch with FBMDS’ team.

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