How can gambling sites increase their revenue this January?

Jingle bets: how to increase revenue in January.
Jingle bets: how to increase revenue in January.

Uplatform analyses two types of activities that can help gambling sites retain players and boost January revenue.

Opinion.- December is a joyous holiday season in many cultures, filled with celebration, laughing, and the need to buy presents for loved ones. The cost of living increased expenses in December, and overall workload has not stopped the betting and gambling websites’ profits from rising.

The FIFA World Cup, which took place in November and December, contributed massively to this increase in revenue. The 2022’s World Cup was the first held in the Middle East and the first held in the winter. The FIFA World Cup is a significant event that draws many regular and new bettors (more than 30%, according to Uplatform’s figures).

But, after this month of celebration, comes January, which, while also a month of celebration, brings with it new year challenges. How can you leverage this rare occurrence, retain players after the event, and boost your January revenue?

Offer relevant content of interest

The prestigious FIFA World Cup was happening during a busy time in the sports calendar. Aside from the current domestic leagues, European leagues, and the high rate of athletic events and contests in general, the sports world is favourable to producing all-time high betting volumes with the addition of the World Cup to the schedule.

Due to the abundance of sporting events, betting websites can draw in new players, keep existing ones, and maintain the same engagement rate and betting patterns even beyond the tournament’s 28-day duration.

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Domestic football leagues began just a few days after the World Cup’s final game, and the English Premier League resumes on December 26th, demonstrating what a hectic schedule of sporting events operators have available to them. Operators can leverage this rare occurrence to retain players and maintain a high level of engagement in the post-tournament time window.

To ensure bettors come back to your website, it is first and foremost important to offer them the content that most appeals to them.

Player engagement and retention entail more than just having the most popular content. It is about employing a global and local strategy that takes into account regional preferences. This strategy involves betting on lower-tier leagues, regional championships, and amateur events in addition to the most popular and trending sports and leagues, hence targeting a specific market with content that they are interested in and follow.

What other means are there to get players to frequently set and wager on your website?

Varieties of Loyalty Rewards

Retaining and attracting participants and growing revenue is essential for long-term success in this sector. Implementing marketing tactics and promotional activities is crucial to boosting activity and attracting new players, as well as the level of playing interaction.

Offering options, such as player loyalty bonuses, tournament winners, free bets, holiday-themed promotions and collecting points on bets keep players interested and offers them compelling incentives to return. Furthermore, working with agents and affiliates will enable your project to extend into new markets and appeal to a much larger playing audience. You may create a very effective network that will speed up and expand your betting website or online casino internationally by using master agents and effective promotion.


Achievements, leagues, and tournaments give users a sense of belonging while fostering healthy competition, resulting in a feeling of fulfilment when certain goals are reached.

Gamification’s positive psychological reinforcement gives players the satisfaction of beating the system, reaching a goal, or unlocking a special feature. Even a small amount of excitement when they reach a certain number of bets can give them the feeling that they are a part of something and that the operator is mindful of them.

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Gamification in iGaming can increase stickiness (repeated visits and interactions), rewards, retention, and loyalty. It can also educate players on how to use a particular platform or product. These resources usually feature missions, tournaments, badges, levels, points, and community leaderboards.

Personalised bonuses and transparency

To gain the trust of its audience, a brand must be honest and open in all areas. The incentive program offered by Uplatform is no exception; trust and authenticity are essential elements of all they do and provide.

Millennials prefer transparent and honest businesses, according to a study conducted by KPMG. Therefore, it is essential to let players know exactly what they will receive and how they will receive it before delivering bonuses. Avoid terms and conditions that are confusing or contradictory.

Using various tracking and analytical data, you may also determine which marketing tactics and incentives are effective. For example, Uplatform’s analytical features are very efficient, giving you a wealth of knowledge on your players via high-quality data and allowing you to make sound business decisions with excellent outcomes. You’ll be able to swiftly access the data your company requires to develop and implement tailored plans based on the demands of your clients.


Players can sustain their focus without pausing and rethinking the navigation process thanks to timely banners, pop-up notifications, sms, and direct messages, as well as a user interface that is friendly to bets. By using these features, you can encourage inactive users to start betting again. Delivering a positive client experience is ultimately the goal of intuitive design.

Email marketing is another proven strategy for communicating with active, and former players. The flexibility to customize the message and the fact that players won’t question why they hear from you if they voluntarily provided their contact information on one of your landing pages are two benefits of email marketing. But be careful—spam is one of the few things everyone despises.

“72% of bettors check Twitter to monitor the status of their live bets after they have been placed.”

Social media can also be used to communicate with and retain players by utilizing retargeting features and social activity in general. According to research by ESPN, seven out of ten bettors questioned use Twitter, and conversations there encourage users to bet more frequently and with larger stakes: 65% of bettors said they are more motivated to make a bet on a major event that everyone is talking about on social media. 72% of bettors check Twitter to monitor the status of their live bets after they have been placed.

In conclusion

Two types of activities can help gambling sites increase their revenue this January. The first is a well-thought-out marketing strategy that includes paid promotions and affiliate networking.

The other option is to use non-marketing strategies to make betting more exciting for bettors by employing reward-based retention strategies, quality and personalized content. However, each gambling business necessitates a distinct strategy.

Are you trying to increase your revenue or looking for ideas to keep your players? Uplaform is all the help you need. With their award-winning sportsbook and super guidance, you can reach all your goals.

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