Hawaii sets crackdown on illegal gaming

Hawaii is unveiling illegal casino activities.
Hawaii is unveiling illegal casino activities.

Hawaii and Utah are the two states holding the most restrictive legislation against gaming industry.

US.- Hawaiian authorities have set an official crackdown against gaming industry, as an investigation revealed over 100 facilities are illegally operating. The governmental report states that unlicensed gaming operators offer diverse forms of betting services, including slot machines, casino games and poker.

“Game rooms affect people of all ages and social economic levels,” the Honolulu Police Department has allegedly revealed to the local press. “We sometimes hear people say that gambling is harmless form of entertainment, however we know that game rooms are often the hubs of illegal activity.”

Although Hawaiian gaming law is one of the most restrictive legislations in the country, along with Utah’s regulations, the state’s government would assess a legal framework for the iGaming industry this year. The Senator Will Espero has recently introduced the new bill SB.677, to legislate the online casinos and poker sectors. Hawaii has not regulated any kind of gambling yet.

With possible iGaming legalisation in Hawaii, Utah would become the only State where every kind of gaming is forbidden. According to the conditions of the bill, if the law is approved, online gaming revenues in the State would be destined to the system of public schools and the University of Hawaii.

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