Hard Rock casino in Catalonia remains delayed

Hard Rock’s casino project in Catalonia remains stalled as they are still unable to acquire the land due to a legal dispute.

Spain.- Tarragona is the site Hard Rock chose for its casino in Catalonia. However, the project has been paralysed for months.

Certain delays in the processing of Hard Rock’s proposal in Catalonia generated a major conflict.

A judge will decide the fate of Hard Rock’s casino in Catalonia, as it evaluates the recent claim. It arises from owners of expropriated land in 2014. They demand compensation after the land’s value changed since they sold it. Nobody wants to pay the potential new prize (if it’s confirmed) and the conflict delays the development.

According to the Minister of Land and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, negotiations are open. However, he clarified that the government does not plan to absorb any extra costs.

The deadline for Hard Rock to buy the land in Tarragona to start working expires at the end of November. Anyway, the government trusts that the conflict will be resolved sooner.

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