Hanna Aghabekyan, Pascal Gaming: “LatAm is the most prioritised market this year”

Hanna Aghabekyan, business development executive at Pascal Gaming.
Hanna Aghabekyan, business development executive at Pascal Gaming.

Hanna Aghabekyan discussed with Focus Gaming News Pascal Gaming’s upcoming showcase at SAGSE 2023, their innovative Gravity Solution, and their strategy for expanding their gaming portfolio in the future.

Exclusive interview.- Pascal Gaming is preparing to present its wide range of products and innovations at SAGSE Buenos Aires 2023.

Pascal Gaming aims to capitalize on the forthcoming SAGSE 2023 as a platform to drive further growth in the LatAm market. To shed more light on this, Focus Gaming News spoke with Hanna Aghabekyan, business development executive at Pascal Gaming.

What new gaming solutions and products will Pascal Gaming be showcasing at SAGSE 2023?

Pascal Gaming has prepared all-new product lines, which we will showcase in Buenos Aires too! We have just launched new slot products, new lottery and bingo products, as well as new poker and virtual sports.

Our biggest introduction though is a one-of-a-kind retail web-based solution, with unique content of wheel and crash games with provable fairness in retail. We know no other provider delivering such retail products. And, of course, for dessert – trendy crash games with football themes, so much appreciated by the players in the LatAm region.

What does Pascal Gaming expect from the event?

LatAm is the most prioritized market this year, so we expect to strengthen and expand our position in the market, initiate new partnerships and discover more about local industry trends.

Let’s talk about Pascal Gaming’s Gravity Solution. What specific features and benefits does it offer for casino operators?

Pascal Gaming offers unique and engaging content, which we could flexibly fully customize to our partner’s requirements and offer localized market-specific content with unique features and fusions of genres. However, the key feature of our product is the players’ ultimate gameplay experience, resulting in high levels of retention and acquisition. 

Last September, Pascal Gaming enhanced its gaming lines with slots and lottery games, representing a change in the direction of the company. What are some of the new slots and lottery games that Pascal Gaming has added to its gaming offerings? What feedback have you received from customers so far?

We have launched a batch of beautifully animated and enjoyable slots, as well as multi-layered lottery and bingo games to diversify our portfolio. The feedback we receive is always compliments about the creativity and quality of our content and our ability to provide content to each market need. 

What is Pascal Gaming’s strategy for continuing to innovate and expand its gaming portfolio in the future?

We plan on expanding our lottery line with more products tailored for LatAm markets, as well as create more localized content for different markets, which is very in demand right now. You will be able to see more crash games, slots, virtual sports and a lot of cool stuff, we will never stop creating and improvising!

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