H2 Gambling Capital issued players’ losses

The study was held by H2 Gambling Capital a leading market data company on gaming industry.

American and Australian players lost the biggest amount of money in casinos in 2016.

US.- The specialist market data company H2 Gambling Capital, from the UK and with international recognition, has revealed its latest study on players’ losses in casino and gaming offerings. According to the analysts, American and Australian players apparently lost the biggest amount of money in casinos in 2016.

The assessment shows that US players tend to prefer betting on mainly land-based casinos and secondly in lottery platforms. Non-casino gaming machines and online gaming services follow the list introduced by H2 Gambling Capital. These activities reported a profit of US$116.9 billion due to players’ losses in 2016.

Australia follows the podium with US$18.3 billion of players’ losses in local casino and gaming services. Australian players prefer betting on online gambling sites, non-casino slots machines and land-based casinos. In the United States, however, online gaming platforms are mostly illegal due to the lack of federal legislation.