Groupe Tranchant will change its location

Currently the casino is located in the Palais Beaumont, France.

Groupe Tranchant’s casino in Pyrenees-Atlantiques required the authorisation of the new venue.

France.- Operators of Palais Beaumont’s casino in the French Department of Pyrenees-Atlantiques will move the gaming facility to a more commercial area in the capital city, Pau. The municipal council of the city has already approved the relocation of the facility managed by Groupe Tranchant.

The South-western casino will be installed at an industrial area at north of Pau by April 2017. According to the operators, the total relocation would be ready by October 2018 and players would be able to enjoy the new facility the following month.

Apparently, the space inside the Palais Beaumont would not enable further development for the casino floor and parking lots are not enough for the amount of visitors the Groupe Tranchant’s salon receives. The relocation would cost a total of US$11 million.