Greyhound racing in Florida set to end by 2021

As voters decided to end greyhound racing by 2021, the Bonita Springs dog track announced it will close in two years.

US.- The Tuesday vote wasn’t only big for the US political landscape but also to the gambling industry. In Florida, voters approved Amendment 13 and decided to end live greyhound racing in the state by 2021, which had some tracks already setting the date for their final race, like Bonita Springs.

According to spokesperson Izzy Havenick, the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Racing and Poker will end dog racing in two years. Nonetheless, as the amendment only separated dog racing from poker rooms, the venue will continue to offer gambling at the Bonita Springs location.

“Our family-owned business will transition to new entertainment options for the community as we work with local leaders and area residents to continue to deliver for them,” Havenick stated.

Out of 5.3 million voters, 69% decided to end dog racing and had animal rights activists celebrating the result of the vote. “Everything for years has been about gambling and expansion and the dogs were just stuck in the middle,” vice chairwoman of Protect Dogs-Yes to 13 Sonia Stratemann said. “Voters have shown how they feel.”