Grand Lisboa Palace suffers another incident

grand lisboa palace


The upcoming casino in Macau has suffered once again an incident with one of its workers during the construction process.

Macau.- Multiple reports about an hypothetical push back of the opening date of the Grand Lisboa Palace have surfaced in the last couple of months, and the upcoming Macau facility is once again under the spotlight as one of its workers suffered an incident during the construction process.

As local media reported, a construction worker at the site of the Grand Lisboa Palace had to be sent to the hospital on Monday as he had a serious bleeding wrist. This is the fifth incident that the facility suffers, the previous one happening in September. With this new episode, there has been two fires and two fatal accidents to date.

Angela Leong On Kei, executive director of SJM, told local media that it’s inevitable that the September fire would delay the opening. “I believe these typhoon disasters and fires have already impacted the works of the [Grand Lisboa Palace] site. We’re yet to receive a report on the conditions of the construction site, so I cannot report to you for certain, but I believe a delay is inevitable,” she said.