Goa wants a sixth floating casino

The Indian state could get another off shore casino if the existing operators continue to pay their dues.

India.- Goa is currently one of cities where casinos are allowed to operate legally. The Indian state is in talks to get another off shore casino, but it is subject to change if the existing operators pay their rest of their dues in fines and their interests.

Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd. is the company interested in the sixth floating casino, and the company has already paid more than US$7.4 million in anual fees. If the company completes the payments, it will get a license renewal and the possibility of opening another off-shore casino.

Goa currently allows only six floating casinos, and the CM said that they’re not planning on allowing another casino. They also confirmed that the license will be disputed between the existing operators.

If more companies want new floating casinos they would have to find another place to operate the facilities, and they have time until March to come up with a new plan.