Goa would move its casinos

goa casinos

Credits: Rajan Parrikar

Goa offshore casinos would be moved out of the Mandovi River within the next three years.

India.- Goa’s authorities have expressed their intentions to eliminate offshore casino from the the Mandovi River soon. The latest statement was published by Goa panchayat minister Mauvin Godinho, as he claimed the state government would move the casinos out of the local river within the next three years.

“The BJP government is committed to remove casinos from Mandovi river. You will see that three years down the line there will not be any casino there,” said the official last Sunday. Meanwhile, the state’s government is evaluating several options to relocate the gaming venues that operate in ships.

“The decision will be taken in consultation with the stakeholders,” explained Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. The administration has the Congress’ support, as Godinho revealed to the newspaper Hindustan Times.

Several candidates for the Congress of Panjim, the capital city of Goa State, have added proposals against offshore casinos to their campaigns. Goa has been in the spotlight for several months now, as the off shore casinos are in the middle of the discussion of whether they should be relocated or not. Furthermore, the government is working on new gaming policies that eliminates casino vessels from the language, making sure that floating casinos cannot exist in the state anymore. The new measures will be applied to the five existing off-shore casinos.