Goa may allow new casino

National Essel Group seeks investment on the Indian State.

India.- Whilst Goa is still in discussion on casino legislation, Essel Group made public its interest in investing in a new off-shore casino for the Indian State. Gaming legislation in Goa is still more open than other regions in the country.

According to unrevealed sources, Indian conglomerate Essel (Zee) Group will propose a project to install another off-shore casino in the State, which would be named “Casino Maharaja.” If the permission is granted, The Maharaja venue would become Goa’s sixth casino.

Essel Group already counts on several gaming services in India, operating the state government lotteries in a few states under the brand name “Playwin” and “pokernation.com,” an online poker website.

The national gaming brand applied for the permission to install the “Casino Maharaja” in 2009, but the government has been delaying the approval for seven years. The potential gaming venue was billed to have been South Asia’s largest floating casino at the time. In the following months, Goa will define whether to extend casino services in its sea, or not.