Gil Soffer: “Galaxsys takes a different approach to industry demands, understanding player needs, behaviors and emotional drivers”

Gil Soffer, Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Gil Soffer, Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Gil Soffer, talked to Focus Gaming News about the gaming events that the company attended, its business strategies and the company’s future challenges.

Exclusive interview.- Gil Soffer, Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, gave an exclusive interview in which he explained how the company faced the latest events in the industry, the innovations Galaxsys made and continue to develop and current clients’ preferences.

How were the iGB Live and SiGMA Asia shows and what were your expectations for the exhibitions?

Our team has been preparing everything for several weeks, and our meetings schedule was already full, but we had the time to meet new partners and walk-ups to our stands.

iGB Live Amsterdam is a well-established destination within the iGaming trade show circuit. It is always well attended, with a good representation of decision-makers within the operator supply chain. Likewise, SiGMA Asia, was also very busy and another exceptionally well-organised event.

What do you consider are the best things about attending gaming expos like iGB Live & SiGMA Asia?

I’ve been to many shows over the years, so it is vital to plan and focus on your goals. Otherwise, given the size of some of the expos, you could get lost in the noise.

Therefore, planning and time management are the order of the day, and keeping to a robust meeting schedule assists in your daily goals.

The networking events are beneficial, as everyone becomes more relaxed and open with their needs and general conversations. Likewise, the various industry sessions/seminars are always valuable resources to keep updated on industry developments and trends.

What innovation are the Galaxsys’s team most proud of?

Galaxsys has achieved great success and growth since the business commenced operations in 2021. We have attained three industry awards, the “Fast Games Provider of the Year” award from SiGMA Europe Awards, the “Game Innovation of the Year” award from Starlet Awards, and the “Innovative Product” award from the Romanian Gambling Industry Grand Awards. We have been recognised as the “Industry Rising Star of the Year” at the SiGMA Eurasia Awards 2023, and there shall hopefully be more to come.

We are very proud of our whole team, whose steadfast dedication to being the best in everything we do, has resulted in triple-digit growth, and the number of partners that wish to work with our company now exceeds 100+.

We also introduced four new games which proved to be of interest to visitors to our stands.

  • Totem is a new board game where players use dice to determine their moves on the board. The objective is to navigate strategically, avoiding losing sections and targeting multipliers or bonus sections to win bets. When the player moves to the bonus section, the wheel of fortune opens, and there are no losing sections in this wheel.
  • Magic Dice is the newest addition to our portfolio. Magic Dice is played using two dice, and the objective is to correctly guess whether the combined roll of the dice will be higher, equal, or lower than a chosen number. Players place bets and roll the dice to determine the outcome, with various payout multipliers based on their guesses. The game also features a bonus round, activated after correctly guessing 10 consecutive results.
  • ScratchMap is a series of scratch cards that aim to match specific odds or symbols to win, with payouts determined by the assigned multipliers. The game offers various scratch card variations, including options with or without matching symbols and lucky numbers featuring bonus symbols.
  • Coin Flip is a highly entertaining game where players bet on the outcome of a coin toss. They can choose a bet amount and a difficulty level (with 1, 2, or 3 coins), and then they have to guess whether the coin will land on “H” or “L.” If they guess correctly, they win and receive a payout based on the chosen difficulty level and bet amount.

“Planning and time management are the order of the day, and keeping to a robust meeting schedule assists in your daily goals.”

Gil Soffer, Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development

How would you describe the industry’s and your client’s current demands at the time?

Like any business sector, demands change with time, of which some elements you can control and some you cannot.

Galaxsys takes a different approach to industry demands. Our ethos and focus are creating more appealing front-end game design in the non-traditional slots vertical by looking at the complete player digital product journey and that experience. We deliver product and game solutions that appeal to more discerning players looking for faster gameplay via mobile and desktop devices. 

Understanding player needs, behaviours and emotional drivers are at the core of this demand. Our team are experts, not generalists; therefore, we are invested in the whole ecosystem, from concept to prototype to production, live games, and the entire feedback loop. Once you have those frameworks in place, ‘demands’ become opportunities to solve and create winning micro experiences for the end players and our partners alike.

How is the exponential growth of AI technology affecting the gaming industry?

AI is not affecting our business as we design our games according to players’ expectations and adapt the best math and features to make them appealing.

“Creativity is vital and therefore robots are incapable of making best of breed, innovative games.”

Gil Soffer, Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development

What are your goals for the second part of the year?

For the second part of the year, we will integrate several new clients and try to close deals with several more. We are very solicited and are trying to keep pace and continue with our exceptional growth. We shall also be attending the SBC Summit in Barcelona in September, so come and join us.

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