Gil Soffer: “Galaxsys is a people-centric business; we listen, create, and deliver products that the market wants now and for the near future”

Gil Soffer, SVP Sales & Business Development at Galaxsys.
Gil Soffer, SVP Sales & Business Development at Galaxsys.

Galaxsys’ SVP Sales & Business Development, granted an exclusive interview to Focus Gaming News about the upcoming SiGMA Europe 2023 and the company’s expectations to showcase its innovations and keep growing its business network.

Exclusive interview.- Galaxsys‘ SVP Sales & Business Development Gil Soffer spoke with Focus Gaming News and gave insights about the company’s expectations ahead of SiGMA Europe 2023 and the gaming industry.

Galaxsys will attend SiGMA Europe. What expectations do you have for this event?

It has been a busy year for Galaxsys, attending several international trade shows. SiGMA Europe is our last of the year, and we look forward to a fantastic event in Malta. Already, we have a busy meeting schedule with operators looking to learn more about our portfolio of fast, crash, skill, and Plinko games, including our fast game Ninja Crash, which is performing very well across our partner networks, and has been shortlisted in the SiGMA Europe Awards, for Fast Game of the Year.

“The event will allow us to further network with existing and new partners and plan for 2024, which shall be a great end to this year.”

Gil Soffer, SVP Sales & Business Development at Galaxsys.

What does SiGMA Europe mean to Galaxsys, and how does it differ from other events in the industry?

SiGMA Europe is a growing must-attend trade show. Part of this is its location in Malta, an established igaming jurisdiction and hub for B2C and B2B companies within continental Europe to attend.

Secondly, the event structure, regarding exhibitors, seminars, and networking, provides invaluable opportunities to speak, learn, and listen to what is happening in the industry and how a business can assist. 

What are some of the key factors that Galaxsys considers when developing a new game, and how has this process evolved in line with new technological advances?

Creativity is central to the development of any game ideation. However, at the core is understanding player behaviour, themes, cultures, and beliefs, as these can affect playability and, ultimately, the success of a game.

We have found that as a business, keeping a game simple is more complicated than you think, but simplicity has its own creative form and story narrative. Our fast games are quick and easy to learn, and they reduce player indecision to initiate the game session. That is why fast, and crash games are so popular.

In terms of technology, players seek fairness and transparency in the games. We use one of the most reliable and high-end Random Number Generator technologies in all our games. We use and deploy the Quantum Random Number Generators from the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions – ID Quantique. The hash-based cryptographic verification technology we use ensures that the game’s outcome is entirely random. At the end of each game, players are allowed to confirm the randomness of the results.

“Our commitment to Fairness and Player Transparency will become more critical in 2024 as players seek providers that offer that accountability and transparency.”

Gil Soffer, SVP Sales & Business Development at Galaxsys.

In addition to technological advances, the profile of the player has also changed. How do you work on the strategy to keep capturing the public’s attention?

As a business, we have a highly experienced team of people. They are inspired to keep improving their skills and knowledge, which leads to improvements in the games.

Therefore, as we are passionate about our games, we spend a lot of time conducting player research and listening to operators, trends, and signals across social media.

R&D is a core requirement of any successful business, including the iGaming supply chain, and likewise, sharing that knowledge with your customers is the key to gaining the trust and attention of the player public.

What is the feedback you got from customers on the launches and announcements you have made this year?

In one word, ‘fantastic’. Galaxsys is a people-centric business; we listen, create, and deliver products that the market wants now and for the near future.

We have been inundated with enquires for our Ninja Crash game, which, as I mentioned, is performing very well across the network, and operators want to learn more about how they can offer that game in their casino lobby.

How are you gearing up for the final part of the year, and have you already commenced your planning for 2024?

“Our focus is to enjoy the SiGMA show, which we are very excited about. The remainder of the year is to rest, reassess, and plan for shows such as ICE, which is close.”

Gil Soffer, SVP Sales & Business Development at Galaxsys.

Galaxsys has a lot of great new games coming in 2024 and some fantastic partnerships about to be signed, so make sure you follow Galaxsys on social media.

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